Punk Hairstyles

Just like fashion trends with clothing, hairstyle fashions are plentiful and always changing. Some are considered universally beautiful while others are cutting edge and done to make a statement. One of these kinds of styles is the punk hairstyle. The punk style has evolved over the past few decades and indicates not only a hairstyle but an all encompassing style of dress, body art, and cosmetology.

Punk hairstyles are created from inspiration drawn from artists, rockers, and personal influences. The wearer can tailor the look to his or her individual taste, there are no specific rules. Just go for something unruly and out of the ordinary and remember that punk style is meant to get you noticed.

How does one choose a punk hairstyle? Focus on these three aspects: color, cut, and style. Color should be bold and bright and usually hair has to be dyed to achieve the desired effect. Popular colors are often colors that don't occur naturally; pink, blue, or green. Harsh blacks and super light white blondes are also good. Colors can also be combined or used to highlight certain areas of the hair such as bangs, a Mohawk, etc.

Punk cuts are usually on the shorter side (typically no longer than about shoulder length for both guys and girls) to allow for ease of gel based styling techniques. Popular cuts are often noticeably uneven, diagonal or choppy. Buzz cuts are also common and usually pictures or words are shaved into the hair. Cuts can also include a combination of buzzed and long hair.

Punk HairstylesPunk HairstylesPunk HairstylesPunk HairstylesPunk HairstylesPunk HairstylesPunk HairstylesPunk HairstylesPunk Hairstyles
Popular punk styles include the Mohawk, a vertical stripe of hair running from the forehead to the back of the skull (usually with shaved sides,) and grungy "just rolled out of bed" looks (usually the least time consuming to construct.) Depending on how much time one spends on his or her style, it can change drastically from day to day. Punk hairstyles often use lots of styling products and are harsh and stiff as opposed to flowing locks of hair. Accessories and alternate styles, like braids, can also be integrated to create a unique punk style.

In conclusion, punk style relies on many different aspects to create an image. In addition to your other fashion choices, the color, cut, and style of your hair can help you to achieve your desired look. Remember that nothing is too wild for punk style, in fact, the more outrageous, the better. Rock on!